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Mess Hall

Mess Hall

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Welcome to the Mess Hall!

At Lewisville, we believe life is better lived together. In conjunctions with “Lewisvillages”, The Mess Hall is an opportunity to help young families do just that. It’s a place to find opportunities to serve and be served, to build real relationships and to demonstrate Jesus just the way He told us to: “By this will everyone know that you are my disciples: that you love one another.”

Life with kids is messy.

There’s fun mess. Birthday parties. Days at the beach. Backyard water fights.

There are also not-so-fun messes.

Mountains of laundry. Dirty diaper wardrobe malfunctions. Flour explosions in the kitchen on your way out the door. Tiredness. Loneliness.

In all of this life’s crazy moments – from the overwhelmingly wonderful to the equally devastating and all the moments in between – they’re always better when we know we are not going alone. Hopefully this page will make it possible for us to celebrate, relate, commiserate, know, grow, serve, laugh and love BETTER.

Family. Better Together. Welcome to the Mess Hall!

Rules of the Game

– A heads up on open invitations for Moms’ or Dads’ coffee mornings, playdates at the park and other opportunities to just be together.

– A conduit for the Holy Spirit to prompt us with opportunities to serve one another in some of life’s 911 moments.

– A marketplace for sharing and passing on practical items. (strollers, cribs, sports equipment, instruments, etc.)

– A safe, private group designed to strengthen the bond within our church family with posts facilitated by administrators and monitored by leaders at Lewisville Baptist Church.

– A public forum for opinions and/or debate

– Open to public, unmonitored posts (all posts must be submitted to and approved by administrators)

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