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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Purpose
LBC’s statement of purpose: “Here to Serve.”

Our Goal
LBC’s BHAG (“Big Holy Audacious Goal”)
(Additional reading – see Good to Great by Jim Collins)

Enabled and inspired by God, we will zealously demonstrate our love and care to every person in our community by serving people through excellent ministries and intentional relationships according to our God-given gifts and the opportunities before us so that we introduce people to, and inspire growing relationships with, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision is for each of us to do 4 things:
Gather. Grow. Give. Serve

Our Values
Our values are about “2 Hands Full”:

FIRST HAND (The Bible)
We teach an preach from the source – God’s living and active word, the Bible.

HANDS UP (Worship)
His greatest command is our biggest priority – God-focused worship, together.

BY THE HAND (Discipleship)
No matter where you are in your walk with God, someone will always help you take the next step.

We are here for a reason: To serve and fascinate the people around us with tangible expressions of God’s generous love. We are Here to Serve.

We will extend the Gospel across the world through our pockets and our people.

OPEN HANDS (Stewardship)
We are managers, not owners. We will give generously and cheerfully of the resources we’re entrusted with.

ALL HANDS (Spiritual Gifts)
All God’s gifts put to His use in His church by His people.

UNSEEN HANDS (Prayer & the Holy Spirit)
We depend on God’s Holy Spirit to hear, speak to and lead us.

HAND IN HAND (Community)
God is glorified in our love for one another.

The ground is level at the foot of the cross. Grace must win.

Here to Serve.

Our goal as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ is to serve others.  We want to see people moved along in their spiritual journey to a place where they see their church experience as an opportunity to serve and utilize their gifting – to move from “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” – and truly be HERE TO SERVE.

Our goal to be intentional about enabling people to move through these stages is reflected in the target, arrow and three rings of our logo:

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