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Announcements – January 29, 2012

Announcements – January 29, 2012

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Bible Memory Bash 2012 (K-Grade 4)
We are beginning a new 8 week series in Main Street called “Winter Extreme” focusing around winter sports competitions (X Factor Games).  It teaches the  children how to be disciples of Jesus and what that means.  Each week there is a Bible verse that goes along with the lesson to reinforce what they have learned.  It is so important and so valuable for your children to commit scripture to memory.  This is the age they absorb it and retain it!  So with this being said I am encouraging and challenging the kids to be a part of the BIBLE MEMORY BASH.  This is how it works:

  • Each week, over the next 8 weeks, from January 8th to February 26th the kids will be given a new memory verse card that they collect on a ring and take home with them.
  • At the end of 8 weeks if they have memorized all eight verses and are able to say all of them by themselves to one of the Main Street leaders they will be  rewarded with their own “X Factor” medal and a Victory Party in early March (date to be announced) to celebrate their achievement.

Please encourage your children to be a part of this activity.  They will need you to be their cheerleaders and coaches.  The true reward is not in the medal or in the party but in the truths that they will hide in their hearts!

Annual Business Meeting
The annual business meeting will be held Monday, January 30th at 7pm.  All  members are encouraged to attend.  Pick up a copy of the annual report at Connections Corner today.

Lewisville 101 Membership Class
If you are interested in participating in our Lewisville 101 Membership Class, please sign up on your Connections Tab or at Connections Corner.  We will be holding a membership class the last Tuesday of every month at Dale Somers’ home (5 Warner Lane).  Our next class will be on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:30pm.

Church Keys
Attention all church key holders!  In the near future we will be starting to lock the   interior lobby door as a security measure.  However, the new lock is causing problems for the keys currently issued.  Please try your key in both locks, and if it needs replacing, please sign up at Connections Corner or notify the office.

Love Changes Everything: Living with Passion to Change the World
Saturday, February 4th, 6pm at The Journey Church (Allison Campus), Dr. Tony Campolo will be sharing in a free event presented by World Vision Canada.  Dr. Campolo is a gifted speaker with a convicting message.  His visit is a timely one and lines up well with our February preaching series on compassion entitled “Pulse”.  Our hope is that as many of us as can will take in this excellent and inspiring teaching  opportunity.  If you’d like more info or are interested in going as a group, please write “Campolo” on your Connections Card or contact the church office.

Square One Event
Hey young adults, after church on February 5th let’s all go to lunch together.  We will all come planning to buy our lunch at a local fast food place and enjoy the conversation you can have around a booth!

Valentine’s Music Night
The Pregnancy Resource Centre will be hosting a Valentine’s Music Night on Saturday, February 11th at 7pm at Gunningsville Baptist Church.  The church is located at 160 Old Coach Road in Riverview.  Several well-known local groups will be performing.  A freewill offering will be taken and refreshments available. Please contact 857-3033 if you require further information.

Potluck with Paul Carline
Join us on Sunday, February 12th at 5:30pm for a potluck with our Partner-In-Mission, Paul Carline, serving as CBM Global Field Staff in Nairobi, Kenya.  He and his family are in Canada on home assignment and he would like the chance to tell us about his work in Africa.

Sniffle Sniffle! A Note for Parents from Kidsville
It’s that wonderful time of year again – cold and flu season!  I know, very exciting.  In Kidsville, we’re all about sharing – except when it comes to our germs!  To that end, we’re is making every effort to keep those silly germs at bay for the benefit of all of our fantastic kids (not to mention fantastic leaders) – lots of Purell and hand-washing!  So, we’d love for you to join us in the fight against phlegm, the battle against boogies, the conflict with coughing…well, you get the idea.  If your little soldier is fighting their own little bug, please help us out by doing one of 2 things:  You can keep your brave little sniffler on the sidelines for a week to protect the rest of the troops, or at least let your leaders know what we’re up against so they can make every effort to secure the fort against enemy influenzic invaders!  Thanks for your help, parents!  Together, we can help keep everyone “over the weather!”

Connections Team Volunteers
If you are interested in serving as a greeter, usher or Connections Corner host or want for more information, please write “Connections Team” on your Connections Tab or speak to someone at Connections Corner.

Thriving Family Magazine
The January-February issue of Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family magazine is now available.  Pick up your copy in Kidsville or at Connections Corner.

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